Welcome to the SpiderArmy website! After a long time of hard work, SpiderArmy is continuing to grow more and more everyday. To get started click where it says "SuperHero Suits" up top to get started, while the name is SpiderArmy I'm proud to finally announce that here at Spiderarmy I now do more than just Spider-man, I do any superhero as a sub dye suit. You give me your ideas and I will try to make it come alive via digital pattern which would then get printed on lycra spandex  using the sub dye process. Any questions? Head over to the contact us section. TOcheck my workout Click the Facebook, or the P icon which is for instagram. 


I strive to have great communication with my clients. I try to keep in contact with my clients as much as possible even if its from a simple how your day or a question on how they would like me to go about something.


Here at SpiderArmy, I provide the greatest quality I possibly can. With each suit and pattern I put my all in it and come up with something that I believe is perfection. I make every suit and pattern as if it was for myself and something I would be proud to be seen in.


You are the Artist here not me, I strive to get each your very own perfect suit. I try to bring in reality your vision of your perfect suit, I try to make your dream suit come forth and your vision of your character. I am simply just the tool here.

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Here at SpiderArmy there is a wide selection of Superhero pattern files which are used to create your suit.  The files are some of my own and others such as Gunheads, 4Neo Designs and Taylor McManus. I have made sure I have permission for useage and advertisement of each pattern that does not belong to me.



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Customization is key, I personally work with each and everyone of my clients to get down to smallest customization possible. Don't see a pattern you want? Or you have your own custom idea? Well have no fear contact me and we can get this show on the road and I'll work with you to get what you want and or your idea come to reality!



In addition to customization I also strive for great support. I know how it is to deal with someone or a business that lacks support or good support. That's why I strive to communicate with my customers and provide them with the customer support they deserve. Once again to find out how to contact me head over to the contact section by clicking "Contact Me" up top!